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Krista Koch

By Krista KochNovember 11th, 2016

Veterans Day

With today being Veterans Day I wanted to share some ideas that have worked well for me as an Activity.
For the current generations we are serving, honoring those who have served is very important. No matter whether you have a VFW group come in or a big program.
One of the most well received ideas I had was to make poster boards of copied pictures of those who had served. It took me months beforehand to gather the vintage pictures, print a copy of each, and return them. But it was worth all of my efforts. One year we had a sweetheart theme where each man or woman posing with their spouse or sweetheart.
One year it was just the men and women in uniform. The ladies who had already lost a spouse brought those pictures. One year we had a uniform on display for every branch of the military with each branch’s song playing in the background.
The bottom line is each person was able to interact in the way that served them best and everyone felt united and patriotic. From those who shared items to others that spent each day looking at the display and telling anyone who would listen about the pictures, uniforms, etc… everyone was engaged.
One of the most beautiful sights was the Amber that would sit and listen to the music with a tear or a smile on their face.
Let us remember those who served and use the tools we have to make it special for all!

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