dementia care partner talkshow with teepa snow

Dementia Care Partner Talk Show Podcast

This is the Dementia Care Partner Talk Show, a podcast to help you navigate the senior care maze. Learn and laugh with us as we discuss creative solutions and ideas to common and uncommon dementia care challenges, and how to make sense of the senior care industry and options when you're not a professional.​

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Episode 50 - How Do You Divert Your Loved One When They Shadow You Constantly

Episode 49: How to Help Someone Transition From One Location to Another

Episode 48: What is Unique and Challenging About Vascular Dementia

Episode 47: Five Positive Action Starters to Get People Engaged

Episode 46: How to Respond When Someone Asks for a Deceased Parent or Spouse

Episode 45: How to Successfully Introduce Care Aides into Your Home

Episode 44: Benefits of Dementia Care Facilities and the Right Time to Move a Loved One

Episode 43: Energizing Music - Optimize Wellness Through Evidence-Based Recreational Music Making

Episode 42: How to Offer Choices That Empower People and Meet Your Care Agenda

Episode 41: A New Approach to Family Care with Pam Speta

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