dementia care partner talkshow with teepa snow

Dementia Care Partner Talk Show Podcast

This is the Dementia Care Partner Talk Show, a podcast to help you navigate the senior care maze. Learn and laugh with us as we discuss creative solutions and ideas to common and uncommon dementia care challenges, and how to make sense of the senior care industry and options when you're not a professional.​

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Episode 118: How to Maintain Dignity and Minimize Aggression in Dementia Care

Episode 117: What to Know About Dementia and Incontinence

Episode 116: How Can We Work to Remove the Stigma of Dementia?

Episode 115: What to Expect with Young Onset and Vascular Dementias

Episode 114: How Many Forms and Types of Dementia Are There?

Episode 113: What to Know About Hoarding and Dementia

Episode 112: The GEMS Model

Episode 111: How to Respond to Surprises and Unexpected Events in Dementia Care

Episode 110: How to Handle a Loved One That Constantly Wants to Leave the House

Episode 109: How Cold Temperatures Affect People Living with Dementia

Episode 108: How to Approach a Difficult Conversation Topic

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