Improving Communication Skills To Avoid Pitfalls And Refusals

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When Things are not Working – Improving Our Communication Skills to Avoid the Pitfalls of Refusals While Respecting the Person’s Rights When we offer yes-no options, we open the door to refusals. Learning to offer options that serve to put the person’s well-being first and provide alternatives that are respectful and meaningful is both a science and art. This session … Read More

“Have You Seen My Mother?” – Dealing with Sadness and Loss

Are you caring for a person living with dementia (PLwD)? Do you find yourself puzzled at times and unsure what to do when the person asks for someone who might no longer be alive? As a care partner, you have to recognize that when your person is searching for a loved one from the past, they are likely experiencing real … Read More

How to Respond When Someone Asks the Same Question Over and Over Again

When a person who is living with dementia repeats the same question over and over again, it is normal for care partners to struggle to remain calm and not get frustrated. Being asked the same thing repeatedly can and will be unnerving for most. To help you understand why a person living with dementia (PLwD) might be doing this and … Read More