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Does Everyone On Your Team:

  • Have a demanding job?
  • Need support?
  • Care about his or her residents?
  • Always feel equipped to deal with challenges?
  • Have minimal academic preparation for dementia care?

Caring for people living with dementia is not an easy job and can leave care partners stressed and exhausted.

To make matters worse, the lack of practical and effective care training can easily lead to staff becoming overwhelmed.

Imagine what the care in your facility would be like if every single one of your team members was familiar with Teepa Snow's Positive Approach® techniques.

As you walk through your building, you see smiling faces as your team uses Teepa's Positive Physical Approach to create meaningful connections with residents and families.

When you turn the corner, a team member utilizes visual cues to successfully help a resident living with dementia understand that it's time to go to the dining room for lunch.

And in the dining room, your team members are assisting residents who need a little help using Hand-under-Hand®, thereby allowing them to keep a sense of comfort and control and reducing their risk for aspiration pneumonia.

Does that sound like the type of care environment you'd like for your residents, their families, and staff?

Let us show you how to start building its foundation:
Image Image


Your Organization's


Let us build your custom virtual program for success in dementia care.

People often wonder if there is a recipe that works when assisting people living with Dementia. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Once you have met one person living with Dementia, you have met…one person living with Dementia?"

Just like different recipes may require you to add in a dash of this or a dash of that, care teams may require a dash of this or that for successful outcomes.

Positive Approach to Care (PAC) has created One-Day Virtual (DASH) and Two-Day Virtual (DISH) Skills Huddles to help your care team increase both awareness and skills related to dementia. Your staff will gain the right ingredients to help people living with dementia shine.

Find your team's recipe for success below:

Choose Between Two New Virtual Learning Options as the Basis of
Your Team's A La Carte Virtual Dementia Skills Training

Virtual Dementia Awareness and Skills Huddle (DASH)

Organizations need some foundational awareness and knowledge, but each one is unique.

Positive Approach to Care now has a virtual option with the basic ingredients and some customizable seasonings and a la carte options that can be altered to your taste.

To ensure you get the selection of programs that best fit your unique needs, you will be paired with your own PAC Guide - a knowledgable PAC team member to support you through the process.

Your Basic, Included Ingredients:
  • PAC Skills Make the Difference (55 min) in a format that allows streaming access 24/7 for 50 staff for one year
  • Learning Scripts that complement the video and can be done in 8-10 minute segments with staff
  • Online quiz for the video
  • Certificate of Completion for each learner
Customizable Seasonings for You to Choose From:
  • Choice of two streaming videos by Teepa (Click here to view the entire list of available courses)
  • Over 60 hours of content to choose from in four categories:
    • Basic Dementia Knowledge
    • Care Situations
    • Misc. Care and Facility Situations
    • Engagement/Meaningful Activities
  • 24/7 Access for 50 learners for one year
  • Choice of one of the following LIVE Virtual Mentor options
    • 2-hour LIVE Practice Session with two PAC Mentors (24 attendees) Skill Content
    • 4-hour In-service/live webinar with one PAC Mentor (24 attendees)
    • 2-hour Challenging Situations Consultation with two PAC Mentors (8-10 attendees)
    • Mentor sessions can be recorded for use with other staff
A la Carte options:
  • Additional streaming videos from the list ($8 per learner)
  • Additional mentor time ($45/ hr)
  • Additional learners (@ $60 per person)
Time-Limited Special:

Teepa’s one hour recorded webinar on Pandemics and Dementia


Now Only $2,500 for up to 50 team members


We're ready to serve!

Let us help you custom-tailor an education menu that empowers your team with the knowledge and skill to skyrocket resident and staff satisfaction alike!


Give us a call to talk to a PAC Guide about your options
 877-877-1671, Ext. 3 
or send us an email today!

NEW Premier Option:
Dementia Intensive Skills Huddle (DISH)

Get everything that is included in DASH (listed in the left column), PLUS:

A Virtual Champion Course (normally $175 per person)

    • 4.5 hours for 50 people
    • Private, for your group ONLY
    • Try one longer session with a smaller group of staff
    • Or try two shorter sessions to hit more staff with new knowledge

$500 towards a Private Certification (virtual anytime or in-person when able)

    • Private Certifications build a team of PAC Trainers and Coaches who work together for sustainable culture change


US$6,000 for up to 50 team members


Note:  both Champion Day and Private Certification to be reserved within six months of DISH purchase

We're ready to serve!

Let us help you custom-tailor an education menu that empowers your team with the knowledge and skill to skyrocket resident and staff satisfaction alike!


Give us a call to talk to a PAC Guide about your options
 877-877-1671, Ext. 3 
or send us an email today!

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