Live Private Webinars
What is a Live Teepa Talk webinar?
While having Teepa live in front of a group is tough to beat, having her working with your group virtually is a wonderful option, or possibly even a sneak preview of an upcoming visit. Teepa will be live on your computer, interacting only with your organization.  She is able to answer real-time questions from your attendees, give demonstrations, present PowerPoint slides, and essentially provide everything that she can at an onsite Teepa Talk event, including her amazing energy and humor!

What is the cost?

Live Teepa Talk webinars are affordable at $500 per hour, and you do not pay any travel fees or other expenses!

Can we select the topic?

Yes! We have a list of topics on which Teepa typically presents, and you may also choose to have a question/answer session. If you have a specific concern or issue, Teepa will address that for you.

Can my staff watch from home or other sites?

Yes! We can provide up to 500 individual logins, so you may distribute the information to members of your organization to watch from anywhere. Or, you can gather your group together in a room and project Teepa on to a big screen (popcorn optional)!

We are now scheduling for 2020! For more information about Live Teepa Webinars, please contact us here!

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