New York

Sheryl Discusses Living
with FTD and PPA


My name is Sheryl and I was diagnosed with PPA/FTD seven years ago.

Advocating is extremely important to me! I support others who have FTD in several support group where I am an admin. These groups include:

-FTD patient support group
-Ask the FTD patients group
-The Primary Progressive Aphasia Support Group

My kids and my sister (who is my caregiver) are important to me as well. I am an animal lover – I love cats! I love dogs!

In the past I’ve enjoyed...
Needlepoint, knitting, reading, bowling...

Currently I enjoy...
Animals – cats and dogs, needlepoint, knitting, going to the AFTD conferences and seeing all my fellow FTDers.

I was a secretary, then I was a medical biller for about nine years. After getting fired from three jobs within a year and a half span, I started my own dog walking business for three years until I started forgetting my clients.

Now, I find purpose advocating and running my groups. I also volunteer for The AFTD – The Association for Frontaltemporal Degeneration. That is a full time job! I also help with other groups as well.

Since my diagnosis, I have been really successful at learning, learning, learning, research, questioning, and finding things out! I’ve always been really good at Googling and finding things out.

I am working really hard at Making memories, looking for the positive in everything. Finding humor in the challenges of FTD is what gets me through.


“Live each day as it comes.”
“Find the positive in each day.”
“A diagnosis of dementia is not the end!”
“Find a purpose that makes you happy and just keep going forward.”

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