Clover, SC


I was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers in 2017. 

My family, friends, grandchildren, and helping others are very important to me.  Past enjoyments have included reading, horseback riding, fishing, motorcycling, roller-skating, and braiding my hair. 

I still enjoy baking, volunteering, pranking my husband, cheering people up, and spoiling the grandkids.

I’ve done so many things in my life…  I owned a heating and air conditioning company.  I was also a Paralegal with domestic violence.  I owned and ran Julio’s Café, a nightclub in Bridgewater, MA.  Then I worked for Amerisorcebergen, a pharmaceutical company as a senior reimbursement counselor.

I am a member of the 2020-2021 National Early Stage Advisory Group with the Alzheimer’s Association and am advocating for the benefits of early detection and diagnosis.  I also actively engage with my local SC chapter, and lead a peer to peer group among other things.

By getting an early diagnosis, I’ve been able to research and find ways to change my diet and work on skills to keep my cognitive health at a higher level.

I want to make sure that my family and myself are well taken care of.  I am also working to help change laws so that people who are living with dementia will not be taken advantage of financially.

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