Hi. My name is John-Richard Pagan, and I have been living with a diagnosed neurodegenerative disease since December 16, 2016. That diagnosis was changed to Lewy Bodies Dementia more recently.

I lived most of my life in Southern California, where I worked in the travel industry, then as a network administrator, followed by 4 years as a coffee shop owner before choosing to become a marriage and family therapist. However, today I live with my parents/care partners in Northern Virginia, where I continue to take classes and learn new things at the University of Mary Washington.

Life is no longer about living in the past or in the future. It is about living today fully in whatever comes my way. I am learning to garden and I love it. I am also extremely active in my spiritual community where I demonstrate that I can be a gay man and a man of faith, and continue to serve with a dementia diagnosis.

If you would like to learn more about living well with dementia, I recommend taking a look at the Dementia Action Alliance website where you can find great videos and join in great video chat conversations with others who are living with dementia. Also, if you are looking for more information on living with Lewy Bodies Dementia, I suggest checking out Facebook’s LBDA Living with Lewy Support Group (for those living with Lewy) or LBDA Living Together with Lewy (for care partners and loved ones of those living with Lewy).

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