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Creating a culture that cares is easy, creating a culture that is positive and skilled in person-centered care with dementia is much trickier. Teepa Snow and Positive Approach to Care provides all of the appropriate training, tools, and certifications to help you build your team and change your culture. Start small with some educational videos and grow to being one of our exclusive Designated Organizations that truly embody Teepa's methods and approach. Invest in your staff, the pay off will be exponential.

Building a New Normal with Dementia
Did you know...
  • 100% of Dementia is Brain Failure
  • Over 20% of staff in dementia care will turn-over within this year
  • 50 million people living with dementia -- will be 150 million by 2050 - WHO data site
  • $2,500 is the cost of replacing a single staff member - article
  • Staff satisfaction is crucial to providing quality dementia care - study

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