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What is PAC's Mission?
Time For Your Culture to Shift?

Creating a culture that cares is easy, creating a culture that is positive and skilled in person-centered care with dementia is much trickier.

Teepa Snow and her Positive Approach to Care Team has you covered!

  1. Start small with some educational videos to spread Awareness...
  2. Add quizzes and accountability to grow Knowledge...
  3. Add PAC Mentors to build Skills...
  4. And gain Competence...

As you grow towards being one of our exclusive Designated Organizations* that truly embody Teepa's methods and approach.
Invest in your staff, the pay-off will be exponential.

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PAC Products for Organizations

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PAC Awareness Bundle
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  • Embed Teepa Snow videos into your own, secured LMS for easy access by your team
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PAC Services for Organizations

Private Certification Courses
for 9 of Your Team

$21,000 for the complete PACkage...

  • Champion Courses, Workshops, Skills, Products for Families, and more!!
  • Build a team of PAC Coaches and Trainers
  • Build Awareness, Knowledge, and Skills with PAC products, services and resources designed for organizations and staff training
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Private Champion Courses 1-4
2 Hour Sessions

Live and Online

$900 for one session up to 20 people

  • Save when you book more:
  • 4 sessions = $3,400
  • 8 sessions = $6,600
  • Completely virtual and customizable
  • Hands-on skills practice that will perfectly fit the needs of your team RIGHT NOW
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Private Virtual Consultation with Teepa

$300 for one hour 1:1 or a small team


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    Support Your Families or Staff with PAC Services

    $750 for up to 15 families or staff
    5 sessions x 1.5 hrs per session


    Reach out to find out how to get your own:

    • Private Care Partner Support Series
      • for families
    • Private Challenging Situation Mentoring
      • for staff
    • Email our team
    • Call us - 877-877-1671
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    PAC Public Events for Organizations

    Only One Public Coach Course Left in 2021!

    Aug. 24th - 26th

    • Learn to help others see this content from the view of those living with dementia
    • Show, don't tell, PAC Skills to your learners
    • Help your team connect with the content that matters with dementia care
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    PAC Public Champion Courses
    $49 per attendee* FREE for you
    Get Your FREE Taster Course*If you book a Private Champion Course
    • Every Friday on Zoom - 2 hour courses
    • Each month covers all 4 sessions
    • 10am-12pm ET OR 2pm-4pm ET
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    PAC Public Care Partner Support Series
    $50 per family
    • Give one of your families connection and comfort with others virtually
    • Five weeks of support with PAC Mentors leading the content
    • Ensure your families have awareness
    • Open the door to communicating about dementia in a more positive and productive way
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    PAC Resources for Organizations

    Free Online Dementia Journal
    Monthly Articles and Videos
    • Share this with each and every member of your community at no cost to you
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