For Families and Friends

For Families and Friends

Building a New Normal with Dementia

Positive Approach to Care strives to support ALL people living with dementia (PLwD), even if it isn't living in your own brain. We believe that when dementia enters your home or the home of someone you care about, you are all experiencing brain change. It is our mission to help you learn to respond, not react, to the changes you see in order to build, or maintain, a strong, loving relationship between you and the people around you.

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30 Minute Connection Consult with PAC


Would you help us?

  • Fill out a form to help us know how to respond
  • Start solving the puzzle of dementia with our team

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Option 2: 
5 Weekly Sessions Live and Online

$50 per device

Start to build your team!

  • Learn WHY someone is doing things differently
  • Gain insight and understanding around dementia
  • Practice a few skills and talk with others like you to begin a more positive journey

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Option 3: 
2 Hour Sessions
Live and Online

$49 per session

PAC Skills with the PAC Team!

  • Come learn how to turn each approach into a positive relationship
  • Join at any session, you do not have to take them in order
  • Become a PAC Champion, one step at a time!

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Option 4: 
Monthly Sessions
Live and Online


Join Teepa and the PAC Team on YouTube or Facebook!

  • PAC offers a free opportunity to explore the depths of Teepa's knowledge
  • We alternate on Facebook and YouTube for viewing
  • Or get more engaged by joining on a zoom

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Option 5: 
Private Virtual Consultation with Teepa

$150 - $300

Here’s your chance for a private virtual consultation with Teepa Snow herself!

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  • Connect with Polly to choose an available date and time
  • Enjoy your one-on-time time with Teepa


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Option 6: 
Teepa's Webinars Recorded Content Videos Online

Join PAC Mentors for Teepa Webinars!

  • PAC Mentors guide you through the questions Teepa answers in her webinars
  • Basic or Premium options
  • Two-week Free Trial

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Option 7: 
Try out one of our pre-made kits

$80 per kit

Grow your knowledge

  • Get some individual products specially chosen for families
  • Or get the full kit, hand-selected by our team
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Resource Cards PAC Content


Grow your own tool-kit

  • Print our resource cards for your own, personal use
  • OR purchase them from the store to share with the whole team

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