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Teepa Snow founded PAC in 2007
Over the years she has formed millions of relationships
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Connected with PAC

If you are connected with PAC, you may have watched our content online, in-person, or with a skilled facilitator. You also may have hosted or sponsored something for PAC. If you have a license to share our content, you are also connected with PAC.

Certified with PAC

If you are Certified with PAC, you are an individual or organization that has completed a course along with a series of tasks and skills demonstrations of PAC Skills with our Mentor team.

Part of the PAC Team

While we proudly call all that are aware of Teepa and the PAC methods part of our community, we have a few (just over 60) people who make up our PAC Team.
PAC Team are full-time, part-time, or independent contractors.

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