PAC Designated Organizations

PAC Designated Organizations

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Organizations and communities that truly embody the Positive Approach® to Care methods and philosophies may be recognized with a PAC Designation at one of four levels;

Aware -- Knowledgeable -- Skilled -- Competent

Each level builds on different certification requirements, levels of culture shifts and expectations, administrative support, and new marketing offers with PAC.

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Interested organizations can begin with a questionnaire or application and a call with our relationship manager. Please choose an option below or reach out to our PAC Team to start now.

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Before you Apply!

Please ensure that you meet the prerequisite criteria before submitting your application. If you are uncertain or do not meet these criteria, but would still like to talk to a PAC Team member about gaining a PAC Organization Designation, please complete the Questionnaire below and someone from our team will contact you to set up a call. Both the application and questionnaire are $50 which will result in a call with a PAC Team member. Please only Apply when ready for designation!

At this time, PAC is only accepting applications for Aware level organizations.


  1. You must have a PAC Certified Independent Trainer on your team
  2. You must have a PAC Certified Independent Coach on your team
  3. Identify three staff members with different roles and responsibilities within your organization to complete staff surveys (the link for this survey will be sent upon purchase)
  4. Your PAC Certified Independent Trainers and Coaches must be actively performing their PAC roles within your organization and team

Click these links for downloadable PDFs:       Staff Survey  -  Questionnaire  -  Application

Organization Designation Levels Detail

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