Just Be Nice!

This article was taken from the NAAP NEWS – July 31, 2017Just be Nice… Amy Laughlin AP-BC, ADC, CDPI worked for a short time with an Administrator with many years of experience leading teams in both for-profit and not-for-profit Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living facilities. Whilst he and I held differing opinions on a number of operational strategies, he had a certain professional philosophy that I shall never forget; one which has given me plenty of fuel for thought over the years. He

OH, The Possibilities and Opportunities

Alright folks, its time to get personal. I am going to talk to you about being a Positive Approach to Care Certified Trainer and Consultant. Way back in the beginning of 2014, I started hearing the buzz of this “Dementia Whisperer” named Teepa Snow. I had a coworker that had seen her speak at a talk and her feedback was, “this woman is amazing, she just gets it, she knows what she is talking about, you have to go see her speak!”Well what does one do in a world filled with technology? I googled

A Life Lesson From My Dad

Most days, around noon, I visit my dad and spend the lunch hour with him. A few weeks ago, as I approached his table, I could sense that he wasn’t quite himself. Instead of eating his lunch, he was standing up and rearranging the empty dishes on the table.I stopped and he looked up. He said “What do I do with all of these?” With a dismissive wave of my hand, I said “Oh, just leave them there. The cook in the kitchen will clean them up.”Well, if looks could kill, I wouldn’t be here to tell the

"The Experience of Dementia as a Journey"

This is a story written from a person living with Dementia perspective. it has been shared before, I thought some of our new folks may enjoy it. “The Experience of Dementia as a Journey” I am going on a long journey by train. As I begin, the city skyscrapers and country landscape look familiar. As I continue my journey, the view reminds me of times gone by and I feel relaxed and comfortable. The other passengers on the train appear to be feeling the same way and I engage in pleasant conversation

Who am I? Please take time to read this compelling piece written by 16 year old Jillian.

I came across a post to a group on Facebook called Memory People. An interesting group, members are mainly family members going through difficult adjustments to their Loved One Living With Dementia. The post was by Mark Margolies, grandfather of a teenage girl Jillian. Jillian had created a collage and written an explanation of how she views her grandma who now living with Dementia. He told the group that until he saw the art piece his granddaughter had never mentioned anything about her

Join Teepa Snow in July on Two Live Webinars!

You are invited to participate in two live webinars being hosted by Teepa Snow in July! These interactive and engaging webinars are an opportunity for you to talk with Teepa and to ask her any questions you may have. Don’t miss out!The first webinar is Saturday, July 15th and the topic is ‘Creating Pleasure for Emeralds’.Time: 9 – 11 am ESTCost: $20 (includes access to the recording)The GEMS® Dementia Classification model encourages us to get curious about the stages of brain change by focusing

The Checklist Manifesto

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right is the name of a book by Atul Gawande. In it, Dr. Gawande describes the effectiveness of a simple tool like the checklist as a means to manage the great volume and complexity of information that we are faced with in our daily lives. Dr. Gawande describes several examples of how checklists are used by professionals in a wide variety of industries around the world to ensure safety and quality control. Think of pilots. In fact, pilots have been using

Knowing what we know, what do we say?

The other day I was at my cousins birthday party where his parents my aunt and Uncle were.My Aunt 80 and Uncle 85 have had some serious health challenges and scares this last year and without going into details, Uncle asked me my opinion on what they should do as far as there living situation.Now I think we have all been asked this by people we have met and by close family and friends. Currently they are living on their own with help coming in, don’t drive and are very unsteady etc.Being who I

Words, Harmful or Helpful?

Our words are how we communicate, how we build or break down relationships. Let’s consider our language and use of words, when we communicate with others, is our language positive or negative? Are we uplifting or depleting?Sometimes words get used when we don’t even understand their definition and if that word is a type of “labeling”.Let’s consider 2 words. These words get tossed around sometimes as though they are interchangeable, but what do they really mean?The words I am talking about are

My Love Hate Relationship with Role Play

I love it. I hate it. You see, me and role playing go way back. I spent 12 years in medical sales where they love to use role playing in sales training. The problem is that role playing was never really about learning. It was about putting people under pressure to see how they will perform. I’ve seen very talented and successful reps breakdown and cry from the pressure of having to role play with the CEO or National Sales Manager who was always the “very mean doctor” that we had to sell our