“Have You Seen My Mother?” – Dealing with Sadness and Loss

Are you caring for a person living with dementia (PLwD)? Do you find yourself puzzled at times and unsure what to do when the person asks for someone who might no longer be alive? As a care partner, you have to recognize that when your person is searching for a loved one from the past, they are likely experiencing real … Read More

What’s Happening at PAC this Week: April 8-14

Teepa’s Travel: Tuesday – Teepa presents at Rolling Green Village in Greenville, SC to their families and interested parties Thursday Teepa will be the Keynote Speaker at the Southern Gerontological Society in Panama City, FL. Hope to see you there! Friday – Teepa is presenting at the Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association Conference in Lancaster, PA – Will you be there? … Read More

What’s Happening at PAC this Week: April 1-7

  4/1 Monday – Teepa will be presenting in Illinois at the LeadingAge Illinois Annual Conference – Are you attending? 4/2 Tuesday – Teepa will be presenting at the Iowa Assisted Living Association Conference in Johnston, Iowa – They still have registration open. 4/3 Wednesday – Teepa is providing a private training to a group in Orlando, Florida. 4/4 Thursday … Read More

What’s Happening at PAC this Week

On Monday and Tuesday we have a Trainer Certification Course running in Las Vegas! – its too late to join this offering, but take a look at future options On Monday we have two webinars: Free and open to any hands-on care partner – On-Line Support Network Gathering – Topic: I’m Worried, Am I Getting Dementia? Engagement Series Webinar #2 … Read More

How to Respond When Someone Asks the Same Question Over and Over Again

When a person who is living with dementia repeats the same question over and over again, it is normal for care partners to struggle to remain calm and not get frustrated. Being asked the same thing repeatedly can and will be unnerving for most. To help you understand why a person living with dementia (PLwD) might be doing this and … Read More

How to Help when Someone is Lost in Time or Space

Have you experienced situations in which a person living with dementia seems unaware of where they are, or they ask to see their little child while not remembering that they are long grown up? It could be something like your mom calling and explaining that she’s lost, just for you to realize from conversation that she’s really standing in her … Read More

Training or Presenting… Which Are You Offering?

Watching me, can be tricky! I switch between the two options repeatedly in the work I do. In some cases, all I am trying to do is get the majority of the people in the audience to notice something, to reconsider what they think they know, to consider another person’s perspective, or to shift from detail to big picture or … Read More