How to Help when Someone is Lost in Time or Space

Have you experienced situations in which a person living with dementia seems unaware of where they are, or they ask to see their little child while not remembering that they are long grown up? It could be something like your mom calling and explaining that she’s lost, just for you to realize from conversation that she’s really standing in her … Read More

Training or Presenting… Which Are You Offering?

Watching me, can be tricky! I switch between the two options repeatedly in the work I do. In some cases, all I am trying to do is get the majority of the people in the audience to notice something, to reconsider what they think they know, to consider another person’s perspective, or to shift from detail to big picture or … Read More

5 Tips for Getting Started at Communicating Better

When a person is living with dementia (PLwD), communication can sometimes become difficult. As a person’s brain is changing, their ability to comprehend and process vocabulary can decrease. Learning how to get started at communicating better can therefore become critically important. We sometimes underestimate how soon issues with communication start, and may miss the early signals that someone is probably … Read More

What Did You Do on Tuesday?

    Some of us were in Birmingham, Alabama with a terrific group of PAC Coaches-In-Training! While we certainly took a more traditional picture of our class, here is one where we are foolin’ around. Otherwise, we were working hard on Skills and Drills! Thanks, Annie! Let’s just say, while the Rockettes may not be looking at us as new … Read More

Dementia Care Partner Talk Show – Episode 24: How is the PAC Method Different

Learn how Teepa Snow’s “Positive Approach to Care” techniques are different from traditional dementia care methods. Want to learn even more? Join Teepa at one of her “Ask Teepa Anything” LIVE streams by clicking here. Want to chat with others who are caring for a person living with dementia? Join our free “Dementia Care Partner Talk Show” Group on Facebook … Read More

Dementia Care Partner Talk Show – Episode 23: Things are Changing!

This is the Dementia Care Partner Talkshow, a podcast to help you navigate the senior care maze. Learn and laugh with us as we discuss creative solutions and ideas to common and uncommon dementia care challenges, and how to make sense of the senior care industry and options when you’re not a professional.​ This episode is an announcement about some … Read More