The Experience of Dementia as a Journey

“The Experience of Dementia as a Journey” I am going on a long journey by train. As I begin, the city skyscrapers and country landscape look familiar. As I continue my journey, the view reminds me of times gone by and I feel relaxed and comfortable. The other passengers on the train appear to be feeling the same way and I engage in pleasant conversation with them. As the journey progresses, things begin to look different. The buildings have odd shapes and the trees don’t look quite the way I

Veterans Day

With today being Veterans Day I wanted to share some ideas that have worked well for me as an Activity.For the current generations we are serving, honoring those who have served is very important. No matter whether you have a VFW group come in or a big program.One of the most well received ideas I had was to make poster boards of copied pictures of those who had served. It took me months beforehand to gather the vintage pictures, print a copy of each, and return them. But it was worth all of my

Keeping it Simple

As a Certified Activity Professional at times I could get caught up in my head and make planning activities difficult. When this would happen I would go to this list. This is the 101 things to do list from the Alzheimer’s Association. It is really simple but as I have learned sometimes the simplest ideas work the best.How can you use these ideas while practicing PPA? By Susan Lonn Lonn, Madonna Adult Day Services, Lincoln, Nebraska. Alzheimer’s Association of Orange County Chapter Newsletter –

Virtual Empathy

Have a look:After watching this news clip, I was left wondering if this is an effective way to develop empathy, or if it undermines the challenges associated with dementia. Perhaps 12 minutes with the ‘kit’ provides a platform for understanding. From here, one can imagine what it would be like to experience limited vision and the loss of fine motor skills.On the other hand, goggles and gloves may not tell the whole story. The kit does not hinder working memory or other cognitive functions; we

An Unexpected Change

When life throws you a curve ball, an unexpected change in direction, how do we handle it? Recently I have had something that some would suspect to be something devastating, unfair and unjust happen to me. I was let go from my job, for no reason. Initially, I was shocked, saddened and in disbelief. I was in love with my work, I was good at it and it gave me a sense of accomplishment. Just minutes after I received the news, I was flooded with overwhelming emotions that rushed over me from the

Building new skills through Role-Play

Recently, I attended a training where a learner commented on how challenging it was for her to engage in role-play for practicing new skills. Studies show multiple benefits in using this method for learning: Promotes creative problem solving skills Encourages analyzing situations from various perspectives Provides opportunity to try out new skills in a safe environment Increases self-confidence and desensitization to challenging situations How comfortable are you with Role-Play?

Coach Webinar #1: An In-Depth Look At The Coaching Cycle

Hey PAC Certified Independent Coaches! Here is a recording from the Live Webinar that PAC Lead Mentor, Linn Possell, hosted on Sept. 20, 2016. If you would like to download a copy of the presentation, please login to your account on and look on the post certifications tools page.


Power of Attorney.Advanced directives.Medically appropriate care.Does anyone else get stuck on the terminology associated with Advanced Care Planning?As a consultant, I know that, eventually, I will need to guide clients through the advanced care planning process; however, I know I lack the knowledge to effectively assist individuals and families. So, I have created a short scenario to help me (us) to better understand the Advanced Care Planning process better:Janet is 67 years old.As a capable<