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Young Onset Dementias: Challenges & Special Needs (Recorded Webinar)


This webinar is designed to help care providers recognize and appreciate the unique features of various younger onset dementias so that care programs and living arrangements can be provided to better match and meet their unique needs and situations.

Young onset dementia is not a single type of dementia but rather a variety of conditions. What all individuals have in common is that they are NOT elders. Ages can range from late 30s to early 70s. This feature creates problems in housing, care, programming, meals, and community interactions.

The key symptoms of many types of dementia will be reviewed and help care providers will be discussed and strategies to try and provide support and care will be discussed. The goal of this session is to help care partners better understand these conditions so that care can be provided that is better matched to the person and their unique needs and challenges.

By the end of the session learners will be able to:
1. Describe the most common symptoms that are associated with various young onset dementias
2. Compare and contrast the age groups that are currently 75+ and 40-65 years of age in areas of common life events, work histories, leisure activities & preferences, social interactions, care expectations, routines, and time use patterns, and more typical family structures.
3. Discuss recommendations for engagement/programming opportunities, environmental features, care routines, and staff training to better address the unique challenges these conditions present.

Length: Approx. 120 minutes


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