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Vocal Standards Collection (CD)


This single CD is an unforgettable collection of enhanced songs from the generation of songwriters who weren’t afraid to bare their souls and the artists who sung them from their hearts. Listeners will recognize every song the instant it is heard. Each song is presented in the original composer’s distinct style and is reproduced in unforgettable sound for pure listening pleasure.

Enjoy many of the greatest written songs of their time together in one collection. Who could resist singing along to Richard Rodgers “Blue Moon”, Cole Porters “Night and Day”, Hank Williams “Cold, Cold Heart”, Les Brown’s “Sentimental Journey”, or the classic “Love Me Tender”.  These songs are so extraordinary; they can only be described as legendary.

Alzheimer’s Music Connect products use their own patent-pending audio technology (Altus Oscillation) paired with familiar melodies to promote relaxation for people with dementia and provide caregivers with respite. User feedback and a physician consultation reported that music calms agitation, amplifies brain activity, and provides an opportunity for family caregivers to connect with their loved one.

Alzheimer’s Music Connect reported that their enhanced music has positive effects for family caregivers including:

  • Improved mood of the person living with dementia – lasting nearly 3 hours.
  • Increased opportunity for caregivers to take a personal break – lasting nearly two hours.

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The Glenn London Quintet performs timeless classics.

Track list for this CD:

  1. Blue Moon
  2. Night and Day
  3. Don’t Fence Me In
  4. I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover
  5. Sentimental Journey
  6. Some Enchanted Evening
  7. Tennessee Waltz
  8. Goodnight Irene
  9. Cold Cold Heart
  10. You Belong To Me
  11. This Ole House
  12. Love Me Tender
  13. You Send Me
  14. Mack The Knife
  15. Lonely Boy.
[Playing time 46:44]


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