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Understanding Vascular Dementia (Streaming)


Vascular dementia (VaD) has symptoms that are both gradual and sudden in onset. These shifts in function can be unpredictable and change a person’s reactions to their surroundings.

Learn with Teepa Snow, founder of Positive Approach® to Care, and Linn Possell, Certified Master Coach, about the causes of VaD, how it affects the brain, and about early signs of change in cognition.

The goal is to help you build skills, meet needs, and address symptoms that affect the reactions of a person living with VaD.


  • about the early signs of change in cognition and a person’s reactions in VaD
  • why VaD’s progression is unpredictable and varied
  • which care partnering skills you will want to build for your person with VaD
  • which unmet needs and symptoms might affect a person’s reactions, and how to best address them to offer care and comfort

DVD Features:

  • Over two hours of information, tips, and techniques

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Chapter 1: Recognizing Common Symptoms
Length: 41 minutes

Chapter 2: Practice Skills and Role Play with Your Partner
Length: 55 minutes

Chapter 3: Brain Changes and Sensations
Length: 31 minutes

Chapter 4: Discuss Risk Reduction and Comfort Care
Length: 23 minutes

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