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Umbrella of Dementia Resource Card 25-pack


Introducing Our Newest PAC Resource!

Our new Positive Approach to Care Resource Cards are an in-the-moment tool brimming with our most essential PAC skills and information. PAC Resource Cards provide you with tons of material in an easily accessible format. They are a valuable resource you can provide to families and/or professionals for use in any setting to offer that just-right level of support for both the care partner and the person living with dementia.

Our cards are brightly colored and are printed on 8.5 x 5.5-inch, double-sided, glossy cardstock. Convenient and extremely economical, PAC Resource Cards are packaged in sets of 25 of the same card.

Umbrella Resource Card: The front of this card features a visual image of our Dementia Umbrella, with labeled raindrops listing some of the major forms of dementia.  On the back, the Four Truths About All Dementias are provided, as well as a chart that provides more details about common characteristics of the four most common types of dementia.

For our Certified Trainers and Coaches, the Umbrella Card is a vivid depiction of the various forms of dementia and can be very beneficial in helping Learners differentiate among the most common types, forms, and symptoms.

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PAC Resource Cards are ideal for so many situations:

  • Care facilities: for staff or family members
  • Educational institutions: for learners
  • Family care partners: as resources
  • Home health care organizations: for staff or clients
  • PAC Certified Trainers and Coaches: tool to use with learners
  • PAC Certified Consultants: resource with or for clients

And many more!

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