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The Journey of Dementia (Streaming)


Preparation and readiness are key to being the best possible care partner. The Journey of Dementia is packed with over three hours of essential preparation tips and advice to provide you with vital information and solutions for all situations.


  • how to make the most of doctor’s visits
  • how to get proper screenings to determine the state of the disease and the best level-appropriate care
  • how to look for vital legal and financial documents that need to be prepared before the disease progresses
  • how to give the best possible support during emergencies
  • how to determine when and if facility placement is the best choice
  • how to find the best end of life care
  • about appropriate activities (for an in depth activity program also see Filling the Day with Meaning)

Video Features:

  • Over three hours of information, tips, and techniques (191 minutes)

Prefer a DVD?


Video Previews

What is Dementia? (Part 1)

What is Dementia? (Part 2)



Chapter 1: Introduction
Length: 39 minutes

Chapter 2: Recognizing Early Signs
Length: 50 minutes

Chapter 3: What Is Dementia?
Length: 65 minutes

Chapter 4: Being a Good Advocate
Length: 37 minutes

Total Runtime: 191 minutes

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