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The Art of Caregiving – Group Learning Module

$7.00 / year / per Learner (*Requires payment for a minimum of 50 Learners)

Meet your dementia education needs by giving each of your team members access to exclusive Teepa Snow Dementia Education and Care Skills content with PAC’s Online Group Learning platform!

What does this module include?

  • The Art of Caregiving video program (see Description tab below for curriculum details)
  • Video Duration: 2 hours (118 minutes)
  • Course outline, course learning objectives, and additional resource materials
  • Online Quiz – automatically graded!
  • Automatically generated and personalized Certificate of Completion
  • One-year license to use the video content
        • License subscription renews automatically each year and can be cancelled at any time

How does it work?

  • With Online Group Learning, the purchaser automatically becomes a Group Leader.
  • After purchase you can assign additional Group Leaders and add your staff members as learners.  A PAC staff member is available to assist you with this process.
  • Each learner in your group will have individual 24/7 access to the video content and materials through their own account.
  • Group Leaders can easily monitor progress and quiz results of your staff members, and download progress reports for easy documentation.

How much does it cost?

  • Starts at $350 per year which includes the first 50 learners.  Additional learners only $7 per year! License subscription renews annually.
  • Please note Online Group Learning requires a minimum purchase of 50 learners.
  • Need access for fewer than 25 staff members? Send us an email and we’ll be happy to work out a custom solution for you

How do I purchase?

  • Only one Online Group Learning product can be purchased per order.
  • During checkout you will need to create a name for your Online Group.
  • In the box below, select the maximum number of learners you may need (including you). Additional learners cannot be added to the same group at a later time. 


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Course Curriculum

The Art of Caregiving

Video Duration: 2 hours (116 minutes)

In The Art of Caregiving, Teepa Snow, an internationally acclaimed Alzheimers and dementia care specialist, teaches her students how to help build skills and empower you as care partners. Teepa will demonstrate effective approaches to bathing, eating, dressing, transfers, and how to respond to certain types of reactions commonly exhibited by persons living with dementia.

Learn techniques to improve communication, mutual understanding, better manage distress, and much more


  • Demonstrate hands-on care partnering techniques to ease daily tasks, such as difficulty with ambulation, bathing, eating, transfers, and dressing.
  • Demonstrate the ideal way to approach and interact with a person living with dementia.
  • Discuss why a patient’s life history, personal preferences, and personality traits matter.
  • Explore the need for stress management and the importance of caring for yourself.
  • Identify ways to minimize resistance and increase positive interactions.
  • Identify different types of dementia, such as Vascular dementia, Lewy Body Dementia, and Frontotemporal dementia.
  • Learn the five emotional and five physical unmet needs that cause negative reactions when someone has dementia and limited verbal communication.

Course Lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Become A Better Detective (14 min)
  • Lesson 2: Developing New Skills (40 min)
  • Lesson 3: Connecting Visually, Verbally and Physically (12 min)
  • Lesson 4: Bathing Techniques (40 min)
  • Lesson 5: How to Handle Agitation (10 min)

Video Duration: 2 hours (116 minutes)

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