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Designing a Supportive Dementia Care Environment (DVD)


Are you caring for a person living with dementia in their home? Did you know that you can set up the environment to support both of you? A well-designed and supportive setting can help the person in your care maintain abilities and an optimal activity level for as long as possible. These options, if used correctly, can positively impact the quality of life for you and the person in your care.

With over 30 years of experience, Teepa Snow offers care partners an extensive toolbox of practical, tried-and-true senior care solutions. Learn with her and gain the tips and skills needed to offer a better setting for living well.


  • how to optimize your living space to offer a high quality of life with dementia, for both you and the person in your care
  • where to find the right supportive resources
  • how to develop balanced routines that reduce stress and encourage working as a team

DVD Features:

  • Over two hours of information, tips, and techniques
  • Link to a downloadable handout, so you can easily recall the learned information


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Total Runtime: 147 minutes

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