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Seeing the GEMS Workbook- Includes Bonus Videos!

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A new GEMS Workbook from Teepa Snow and Positive Approach to Care!
What is it?

Seeing the GEMS Workbook is a 48-page full-color workbook designed to help learners develop a deeper understanding of Teepa Snow’s GEMS State Model. This workbook details the characteristics of the GEMS states and the retained abilities associated with each. Seeing the GEMS Workbook expands on essential GEMS information and provides quizzes and exercises to reinforce your learning and grow your ability to recognize each GEM state.

To help you truly see the GEMS states, the workbook also includes access to bonus videos of Teepa, skillfully portraying the different GEMS, for an even more engaging learning experience.

Who is it for?

Seeing the GEMS Workbook is perfect for both family and professional care partners of anyone living with brain change.

  • Family care partners will be able to more skillfully assess their loved one’s GEMS state and respond with compassionate care and support.
  • Professional care partners will also learn to efficiently assess the GEMS states of those for whom they provide care, and will be able to facilitate more positive and productive interactions.

Although the GEMS states were originally designed for the progression of dementia, they are also extremely applicable to other forms of brain change, such as autism, stroke, developmental delay, and psychiatric illness.

What will I learn?

This workbook will enhance your understanding and knowledge of the characteristics and retained abilities of each of the GEMS states. Because not all forms of brain change progress in a linear fashion, Seeing the GEMS Workbook provides specific skill information of each state, including vision, communication, dexterity/hand skills, body skills, and awareness of person, place, time and situation.

The workbook content, quizzes, and bonus videos are designed to help you more quickly and accurately assess GEMS states and respond appropriately in a variety of situations.

Seeing the GEMS Workbook is part of a collection of resources from PAC designed to help you develop your GEMS state knowledge and skill. Build your GEMS toolbox by adding the below additional resources to your order at a discount!

Watch this free video with Teepa on YouTube that previews this product.

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Seeing the GEMS Workbook

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Seeing the GEMS Workbook is 48 full-color 8.5″ x 11″ pages, printed on high quality paper.  The workbook will be shipped to you from our fulfillment center. ISBN: 978-1-7359373-0-4

The twelve bonus videos of Teepa role playing different GEMS states are available in the My Courses section of the Member Dashboard area when you are logged into your account.  The video title is Seeing the GEMS Workbook- Role Play Videos. As an additional bonus the Role Play Videos now include the recording of Teepa’s How to Use the Seeing the GEMS Workbook Webinar!

Watch this free video with Teepa on YouTube that previews this product.



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