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Seeing It From the Other Side: Part 2 – The Condition of Dementia (DVD)


Teepa Snow separates myth from reality in this eye-opening multi-part video collection “Seeing It From the Other Side.” Her insightful teachings help professionals and care partners further understand the needs and experiences of those living with the effects of dementia. These instructional Positive Approach™ to Care DVDs are divided into menu topic chapters providing an excellent resource for facilitating group education or in-service classes. Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia this 3-day course builds on itself and, without fail, will improve your personal experience or organizational approach to person-centered dementia care.

Learn in Part 2:

  • How to determine if challenges are due to dementia and the importance of finding an “ability” baseline.
  • What causes dementia and what does it mean to live, function, and thrive with brain failure.
  • About Teepa’s GEMS™ the person-centered dementia classification model defining “states” of changing cognitive and physical ability.
  • The risk-reducing and effective care partner techniques of Positive Physical Approach™ and Hand-under-Hand™.

Duration: 147 minutes | Subtitles in English available*

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Seeing it From the Other Side: Part 2 – The Condition of Dementia


– Determining Dementia (20 min)
– The Umbrella of Dementia (15 min)
– Brain Failure (25 min)
– Teepa’s GEMS® (20 min)
– Positive Physical Approach™ (40 min)
– Hand-under-Hand® Technique (27 min)

* This DVD has optional English subtitles (SDH) that can be turned on via your media player or DVD player.

Please Note: “Seeing it From the Other Side” DVDs Part 1,2, and 3 are included with registration for any Trainer Certification course.

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