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Seeing it From the Other Side: Part 2 – Learning Kit

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Use Teepa Snow’s, Seeing it from the Other Side: Part 2- The Condition of Dementia, to transform your in-service meetings into collaborative learning sessions for your organization. PAC In-Service Learning Kits were designed to facilitate learning in small groups and classroom-type settings.

Learning Kits include a physical DVD, Online Streaming access, and downloadable PDF Learning Materials paired with a renewing annual Usage License to use the video and materials for internal staff education.

This Learning Kit includes the following:

  • Seeing it From the Other Side: Part 2 on DVD and via Online Streaming
    • Duration: 2+ hours/147 minutes
  • Content Outline and Learning Objectives (pdf)
  • Quiz for Pre and Post Assessments (pdf)
  • Answer Key (pdf)
  • Additional Resource Materials (pdf) covering:
    • The GEMS State Model
    • The Umbrella of Dementia
    • Six Pieces of the Puzzle
    • Positive Physical Approach/Action Starters/Personal Connections
    • PAC Core Values
    • Certificate of Completion Template (pdf)

Seeing It From the Other Side: Part 2 - The Condition of Dementia (DVD)

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Seeing it From the Other Side: Part 2 (Streaming)

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Seeing it From the Other Side: Part 2 - Materials and Usage License

This Usage License permits you to use the Online Video Stream and all Learning Materials for internal education within your organization.

This license will renew at a rate of $10 per year. You will receive an email notification when it is time to renew.

$10.00 / year

Seeing It From the Other Side: Part 2 - The Condition of Dementia (DVD)

If you have more than one location we recommend that you add additional DVDs to your order for just $40 each!


Using this Learning Kit will increase staff awareness of how much their approach and interactions impact people living with dementia. It will help them understand that dementia is not a choice, but a condition that affects a person’s ability to function “normally.” As care partners, it is possible to adapt to what we do to improve care interactions and outcomes. The practical and well-designed techniques demonstrated in these videos can be used by any member of your staff, volunteers, or family members.

Seeing it From the Other Side: Part 2 (Duration: 2+ hours/147 minutes)

Teepa’s insights are based on a foundation of science, mixed with a genuine dose of love and understanding for people living with dementia. Seeing it From the Other Side is a great learning tool for anyone, from beginning in-home care partner to experienced professional.

Learn in Part 2:

  • How to determine if challenges are due to dementia and the importance of finding an “ability” baseline.
  • What causes dementia and what does it mean to live, function, and thrive with brain failure.
  • About Teepa’s GEMS® the person-centered dementia classification model defining “states” of changing cognitive and physical ability.
  • The risk-reducing and effective care partner techniques of Positive Physical Approach™ and Hand-under-Hand®.

Chapter titles:

Chapter 1: Determining Dementia (20 min)
Chapter 2: The Umbrella of Dementia (15 min)
Chapter 3: Brain Failure (25 min)
Chapter 4: Teepa’s GEMS® (20 min)
Chapter 5: Positive Physical Approach™ (40 min)
Chapter 6: Hand-under-Hand® Technique (27 min)

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