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Relationships. Guidebook for Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to All Relationships


Relationships are strengthened when we can look at a person in a specific moment of time and connect with them just as they are.
Do you have relationships in your life that come easy to you? Are other relationships more difficult and leave you feeling drained? Would you like to know how to strengthen your connections with all people, whether it is kids, adults, or people living with dementia?

Then you’ll want to get to know Teepa Snow’s GEMS States – a model that helps you understand the shifts in human skills and abilities as brain chemistry fluctuates throughout the day.

This Guidebook for Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to All Relationships will help you understand your and others’ GEMS State at any given moment. Use these practical insights and techniques to improve your relationships and add moments of joy to all aspects of your life.


  • how Teepa Snow’s GEMS State model of brain change applies to you and those around you, so you can shine and help others do the same
  • how to build better connections by adapting your approach to a person’s GEMS State, so you can create more meaningful interactions between the two of you
  • how to fine-tune your facial expressions and body language, so you can help the people around you understand you better
  • how to adapt your approach to other people’s personality type(s), so you can reduce friction and help to build more connected relationships
  • how you can use Teepa Snow’s Relationship Builders to create strong and lasting connections with all people in your life – children, adults, and seniors alike


  • The Relationships Guidebook comes with FREE bonus video content about Teepa’s GEMS.*
  • Also, check out our free GEMS App – Click here to learn more.

Watch this free video with Teepa on YouTube that previews this product.

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Our hope is that this guide will:

  • Help ease the isolation and frustration that often comes with changing relationships
  • Help you appreciate the new ways you and the people around you are experiencing the world
  • Help you feel connected to the people you love and you want to love – so that, together, you can live your best life

This 90 page full-color guidebook designed to help you develop a deeper understanding all relationships. We intentionally designed this to be an easy to understand, go-to, in-the-moment support.

Size: L 8.5″ x H 5.5″

*Bonus Video Content: To access the videos please go to: Then click on the box that says My Courses and scroll down to Relationships Guidebook – Bonus Videos.

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