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Progression of Dementia: Seeing GEMS – Not Just Loss (DVD)


Know which state* of dementia your loved one or resident experiences to customize your caregiving techniques.

In this two-hour training program, Progression of Dementia, Teepa Snow explains the appropriate levels of care needed during different states, which types of reactions to expect, appropriate activity programs, and much more.


  • how to calmly convince your loved one to stop driving
  • how to safeguard your relationship with your loved one or resident as the disease progresses
  • how to reduce the risk of falls
  • how to avoid unwanted reactions by controlling the environment and effectively shifting your resident’s or loved one’s focus
  • why people in later disease stages can’t relax their muscles and how to safely handle them to reduce the risk of bruising

DVD Features:

  • Two hours of information, tips, and techniques
  • link to downloadable handout, so you can easily recall the learned information

Please note: This DVD is printed on-demand and thus will ship 2-3 days after your order is placed.  Thank you for your patience.

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Video Previews

Getting A Proper Diagnosis

Dementia and Driving

Alzheimer’s and Vision Loss


Video Duration: 2 hours (117 minutes)

Chapter 1: How Does Dementia Progress?
Length: 6 minutes

Chapter 2: It’s All About the Money
Length: 23 minutes

Chapter 3: Gem Levels – Diamonds vs. Emeralds
Length: 29 minutes

Chapter 4: Ambers – Caution
Length: 19 minutes

Chapter 5: Rubies – Stop
Length: 17 minutes

Chapter 6: Pearls – End of Life
Length: 23 minutes

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*In 2016, Positive Approach® to Care (PAC), made the decision to change our wording from stages of dementia to states of dementia. The reasoning for this is that dementia is an ever changing condition, and many internal and external factors can affect a person’s GEMS® state in a given moment. This video was recorded before that switch, so you will hear Teepa say “stages of dementia”, and while all of the information is still accurate, we want you to be aware that there has been a change in wording.


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