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PPA Practice Bundle (includes Resource Cards and Bracelets)

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With the PPA Practice Bundle you can provide your staff members with two convenient tools to help them practice their Positive Physical Approach wherever they are.

The PPA Practice Bundle includes 25 PPA Resource Cards and 25 silicone PPA Bracelets!

The PPA Resource Card provides a handy reference for essential PAC skills:

  • Positive Physical Approach (PPA)
  • Positive Personal Connection (PPC), and
  • Positive Action Starters (PAS)

It includes the PPA steps and PPC/PAS options in a format that is easy to read, use, and carry.

The PPA Silicone Bracelet provides an easy, simple way to always have the Positive Physical Approach steps available in-the-moment. This silicone bracelet is 8 inches around and a half-inch wide. It’s cleanable, wearable, and comfortable!

Build skill and save too with our new PPA Practice Bundle!


What’s on the PPA Card?

Positive Physical Approach (PPA)- Approach!

Nine steps of PPA including where to stop moving, how to move into supportive stance, and how to initiate the Hand-under-Hand® technique.

Positive Personal Connections (PPC)- Connect!

Five PPC examples of how you can get connected. For example, greet the person using both your name and their preferred name-  “Hi (preferred name). I’m (your name).”

Positive Action Starters (PAS)- Get Started!

Five PAS examples that you can use to initiate a task or activity with the person. For example, ask the person for help. Be sure to compliment his or her skill in this area, and then ask for help with something-  “You are so good at ________, would you please help me?”

PPA Card:  Printed on glossy, durable card stock- 8.5″x 5.25”. Card can be folded in half without losing content.

What’s on the PPA Bracelet?

Outside of the bracelet –

. front . slow . side . low . hand . name . wait .

Inside of the bracelet –

Bracelet: Adult Size, 8 inches around x one half-inch wide (202 mm x 12 mm)

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