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PPA Resource Card 25-pack


PPA Resource Card

You have attended a PAC workshop or educational session and learned Teepa Snow’s Positive Physical Approach™ (PPA). Now you want to invest five minutes a day to become proficient at it! How can you be sure that you are not missing one of the vital steps in doing PPA correctly?

You have become a PAC Certified Trainer, Coach, and/or Consultant and are now teaching others how to use PPA. Would you love to have a resource to share with your workshop attendees, team members, or clients to help them become proficient too?

This is the perfect tool for you! The PPA Resource Card gives you everything you need to practice and coach others on Positive Physical Approach (PPA), Positive Physical Connections (PPC), and Positive Action Starters (PAS).

The package includes 25 double-sided cards, each 8″x5” on glossy, durable cardstock. Cards can be folded in half without losing content.

Each Card Includes:

  • 9 steps to Positive Physical Approach
  • 5 Positive Personal Connections
  • 5 Positive Action Starters

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Positive Physical Approach

The front side of the card includes the nine steps to Positive Physical Approach including where to stop moving, how to move into supportive stance, and how to initiate the Hand-under-Hand® technique.  

The reverse side of the card includes Positive Personal Connections and Positive Action Starters.

Positive Personal Connections

Once you have approached a person using PPA, take the time to connect with a Positive Personal Connection. The card includes five examples of how you can get connected. For example, greet the person using both your name and their preferred name.

“Hi (preferred name). I’m (your name).” 

Positive Action Starters

After connecting with a PPC, it is time to get started! The Positive Action Starters include five examples that you can use to initiate a task or activity with the person. For example, ask the person for help. Be sure to compliment his or her skill in this area, and then ask for help with something.

“You are so good at ________, would you please help me?”

 The PPA Resource Card is recommended for:

  • PAC Certified Independent Trainers, Coaches, Consultants. Purchase a set of cheat sheets to share with workshop attendees, team members, or clients.
  • Anyone who wants to practice and become proficient at PPA. Keep the cards in your desk, purse, pocket, office, home, or car! You’ll always have a cheat sheet handy when you have five minutes to practice your skills!


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