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PAC Skills Bundle

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Get your staff or volunteers tuned in and more active in care and interactions that work with our special PAC Skills Bundle!

  • PAC Skills Make the Difference with In-Service Session Script – Stream the PAC Skills Make the Difference video content for use with short, scripted in-service training sessions of 10-15 minutes each.
  • 3 Care Partner Skill Card sets
  • 25 Positive Physical Approach Resource Cards
  • 25 GEMS Resource Cards

A value of almost $320 for just $195.  You save $125!!  

PAC Skills Make the Difference (Streaming)

Watch Teepa Snow demonstrate the essential hands on skills and techniques needed to improve the standard of care for persons living with dementia. See for yourself why Positive Approach to Care Skills make the difference!

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In-Service Sessions Script for PAC Skills Make the Difference (PDF Only)

Teepa’s handcrafted scripts break the PAC Skills content into 14 sessions that use the same Adult Experiential Learning Cycle that our PAC Certified Independent Trainers use. These mini-sessions will be an engaging and impactful use of those 10-20 minute in-services that can otherwise be dull and drab!

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Care Partner Skill Cards × 3

An ideal info-packed in the moment resource to assist you in implementing Positive Approach to Care techniques and discerning GEMS states when caring for people living with dementia. Bundle includes 3 sets of Skill Cards.

Square Badge Reel with Spring Clip

PPA Resource Card 25-pack

The PPA Resource Card gives you everything you need to practice, train and coach others on Positive Physical Approach (PPA), Positive Personal Connections (PPC), and Positive Action Starters (PAS).

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GEMS Resource Card 25-pack

Use this colorful, handy card to help you and your team efficiently assess and recognize transitions in GEMS states. The easy-to-read chart provides helpful ways to support a person living with dementia at each GEMS state, as well as a visual depiction of our highly effective Hand-under-Hand® technique. Bundle includes one pack of 25 cards.

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PAC Skills Make The Difference (DVD)

OPTIONAL: Add the PAC Skills DVD to your bundle for just $31.50 each!


This special PAC Skills Make the Difference Bundle includes:

1 PAC Skills Make the Difference- streaming video content

1 In-Service Sessions Script for PAC Skills Make the Difference video content (this is a pdf file which you download and print)

3 Care Partner Skill Card sets

1 PPA/PAS/PPC Resource Card 25-pack

1 GEMS Resource Card 25-pack

Option to add the PAC Skills Make the Difference DVD for just $31.50

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