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PAC Content Card Sets


Wish you could have Teepa at your fingertips? With our educational PAC Content Cards, you can! We have developed three sets of cards with content that can truly help you deliver information in a helpful, relaxed way. You no longer have to tell anyone about the dementia content on these cards, you can simply show them. Transitioning from our PAC Certification Courses to the public, our first three card sets are Teepa’s GEMS, Teepa’s Hand, and Teepa’s Six Pieces of the Puzzle. Each of our PAC Content Card sets come with a descriptor card and colorful, engaging, and informative cards. You can purchase packs of 5 of the individual card types ($19) or a combo pack of 15 with five of each type at a lower price point per set ($54).

Please watch the video in the description tab where Teepa demonstrates some of the ways you can use the Content Cards.

Teepa’s GEMS Cards ($19)

Teepa’s GEMS® cards allow you to look closely at the person’s abilities to determine his or her current GEMS state in any given moment. This seven-card set will take you through Sapphires, Diamonds, Emeralds, Ambers, Rubies, and Pearls so that you can recognize transitions in both yourself and the person with whom you care.

Teepa’s Hand Cards ($19) 

Our working memory can only hold onto 5-8 items at a time. What tool do we always have at the ready to help us remember important information?  Your hand!  Teepa’s use of her own hand as a kinesthetic memory tool is something we have finally captured in this 13-piece PAC Content Card set.

Cards include-

  • Descriptor Card
  • Five Senses
  • Five Protective Smells
  • Five Tastes
  • Human Hand Use
  • Getting Connected
  • Stages of Vision Change

  • Five Unmet Physical Needs
  • Five Unmet Emotional Needs
  • Five Stages of Grief and Loss
  • Five “I’m Sorry,” Phrases
  • Positive Personal Connections
  • Positive Action Starters


Teepa’s Six Pieces of the Puzzle Cards ($19)

After years of consulting with families and staff, Teepa developed these Six Pieces of the Puzzle to help others see the big picture for those living with dementia. By knowing what we can change, and what we can’t, we can truly enhance the life of anyone who is living with or around dementia. With three puzzle pieces that we can change and three that we can’t change, but need to know about, Teepa has created a way to set a strong care plan for any person living with dementia.

Seven Card Set- Descriptor Card, Brain Changes, The Person, Wellness, Health, and Fitness, The Environment, Stakeholders, Time.

PAC Content Card Combo 15-Pack ($54) 

15 Total Sets- 5 GEMS Card sets, 5 Hand Card sets, 5 Six Pieces of the Puzzle Card sets.




Please watch the video below where Teepa demonstrates some of the ways you can use the Content Cards.


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