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Mid-State Dementia Family Care Partner Bundle (DVD)

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Are you caring for a loved one living with mid-stage dementia in your home?

This three DVD Bundle is packed with an abundance of practical, effective dementia care skills for family care partners.

Learn how to build a care environment that best balances your loved one’s needs with your own well-being and abilities, and how to approach a variety of difficult conversations that are crucial to safeguard your loved one.

Also learn how to best respond during challenging situations, when physical and emotional distress threaten to affect your relationship.

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This DVD Bundle includes:

Improving Communications in Dementia Care (DVD)

Nothing is more challenging in dementia care than effective communication. Have you had trouble getting a loved one to a screening, or aren’t sure how to communicate when there is a need to stop driving?

In-Home Dementia Care: Tips & Techniques (DVD)

Caring for your loved one living with a form of dementia in the home setting can create challenges those on the outside can only imagine. Without a strong support system and hands-on skills, this very difficult job can easily leave care partners feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and isolated. Would you like to know how to build a care environment that best balances your loved one’s needs with your own well-being and abilities?

Challenging Behaviors in Dementia Care (DVD)

Anger, physical resistance, swearing, hallucinations, sexually undesired advances, or surprising actions are just a few examples of challenging situations that can occur when a person is living with dementia.


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