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Maintain Your Brain: Dementia Risk Reduction and Life After Diagnosis (DVD)


More and more people are being diagnosed with dementia. Most of us fear developing this disease, but few know how to actively reduce their risk.

Learn about risk factors, brain exercises, physical and cognitive activity, nutrition, and diet. Know about important lifestyle choices affecting brain health, even after diagnosis.


  • about the effects of dementia on the brain
  • about your risk of developing dementia
  • of the top three lifestyle choices that affect your dementia risk
  • about the connection between the heart and brain
  • brain-health promoting activities and games
  • about brain-friendly nutrition and diet choices
  • about additional lifestyle choices that can affect brain health
  • about recognizing early warning signs, such as changes in memory, thinking, judgments, personality, speech, sleep, or appetite
  • about enjoying life even if you have been diagnosed

DVD Features:

  • Two and a half hours of information, tips, and techniques
  • Access to a downloadable handout, so you can easily recall the learned information

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Length: 1 minutes

Chapter 1: Reduce Your Risk
Length: 32 minutes

Chapter 2: Why Should We Change?
Length: 60 minutes

Chapter 3: Raising the Activity Level
Length: 36 minutes

Chapter 4: Changing Life Style
Length: 12 minutes

Chapter 5: Use Your Brain
Length: 3 minutes

Chapter 6: Eat Right
Length: 5 minutes

Total Runtime: 150 minutes


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