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Living at Home with Mid- to Later-Stage Dementia (Streaming)


Home Care Support
for Someone with Significant Symptoms of Dementia:
Better Options for Living Well

Are you caring for someone living with dementia who is starting to struggle with figuring out the world around them?

Offering home care support for someone with mid to later stage dementia can be tough.

Get Teepa Snow’s techniques for managing the environment, tasks, objects, and interactions to offer the greatest help and quality of life.


  • how to offer the most gentle yet effective personal care assistance that builds trust
  • how to evaluate mobility and skills needed in and around the home for safety
  • how to find the right balance between assisting and encouraging the person to do as much as possible on their own
  • how to set up the home environment to reduce safety risks
  • how to create activities that make the person feel needed and valued

DVD Features:

  • One and a half hours of information, tips, and techniques

Prefer a DVD?



Length: 1 minutes

Chapter 1: Skills
Length: 8 minutes

Chapter 2: Strength Building
Length: 16 minutes

Chapter 3: Eating and Drinking
Length: 24 minutes

Chapter 4: Safety Awareness and Role Play
Length: 22 minutes

Chapter 5: Shaving and Mouth Care
Length: 17 minutes

Chapter 6: Range of Motion, Skin Care, Dressing
Length: 18 minutes

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