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Lewy Body Dementia – What Everyone Needs to Know (DVD)


Lewy Body Dementia (LBD), the second most prevalent form of dementia, is regularly misdiagnosed and particularly challenging for care partners and those living with the condition.

Knowing about LBD-specific medication interactions is critical to best protect your loved one or person living with LBD, and practical solutions for challenging situations will help you increase mutual understanding.


  • about common LBD symptoms
  • how to get a good and complete diagnosis
  • about commonly prescribed anti-psychotic medications that can have potentially harmful or even deadly side effects if given to a person living with LBD
  • how to adapt your care partnering skills to the needs of a person living with LBD
  • how to utilize visual and verbal cues to increase understanding and cooperation
  • about hands-on skills for LBD

DVD Features:

  • Over two and a half hours of information, tips, and techniques (167 minutes)
  • link to downloadable handout, so you can easily recall the learned information

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Duration: 2.50 hours (167 minutes)


Chapter 1: Difference in Dementias
Length: 2 minutes

Chapter 2: Lewy Body Awareness
Length: 3 minutes

Chapter 3: Example
Length: 2 minutes

Chapter 4: Create A Safe Place
Length: 13 minutes

Chapter 5: Warning Signs
Length: 4 minutes

Chapter 6: Lewy Body Warning
Length: 2 minutes

Chapter 7: What is Lewy Body?
Length: 2 minutes

Chapter 8: Diagnosis
Length: 6 minutes

Chapter 9: Who can get Lewy Body?
Length: 2 minutes

Chapter 10: Symptoms
Length: 42 minutes

Chapter 11: Delusional Thinking
Length: 12 minutes

Chapter 12: Techniques and Examples
Length: 13 minutes

Chapter 13: Visual Disturbance
Length: 26 minutes

Chapter 14: Medications
Length: 15 minutes

Chapter 15: Hands-on Skills
Length: 7 minutes

Bonus Content: Conversation with Ruth and Bob
Length: 16 minutes


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Total Runtime: 168 minutes

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