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Late State Dementia Care Bundle (DVD)

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Are you caring for a person living in the later states of dementia?

Then this three DVD Bundle will enable you to offer the most compassionate care possible at this difficult stage of the disease:

Learn with Teepa Snow how you can connect and communicate with your person through visual, auditory, and physical cues when there are no words left.

Know why understanding the physical changes the person goes through is critical to offering care without causing injury, and how to safely transfer the person when needed.

Also learn how to best advocate for the person in your care during the inevitable hospital visits in the late stages of dementia.

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This DVD Bundle includes:

The Inevitable Hospital Stay – How to Advocate for Your Loved One with Dementia (DVD)

Dementia is rarely the primary diagnosis in a hospital, but offers special challenges that can significantly affect a person’s stay and treatment outcome. Learn with Teepa Snow why being prepared is key to advocating for your loved one when he or she no longer can. (154 minutes)

End of Life Care and Letting Go (DVD)

Learn to recognize a patient’s progression into the final stages of dementia and provide the best care with Teepa Snow’s hands-on, disease-level appropriate techniques. (115 minutes)

Advanced Care Skills in Late Stage Dementia (DVD)

This program offers step-by-step instructions and hands-on skills for a variety of late-stage care needs, all based on Positive ApproachTM techniques to help care partners handle even the trickiest of care tasks and reduce their risk of injury. (120 minutes)


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