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In-Home Dementia Care: Tips and Techniques (DVD)


Caring for your loved one living with a form of dementia in the home setting can create challenges those on the outside can only imagine. Without a strong support system and hands-on skills, this very difficult job can easily leave care partners feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and isolated.

Would you like to know how to build a care environment that best balances your loved one’s needs with your own well-being and abilities?


  • about practical tips and ideas to problem-solve existing challenging situations for a more joyous care partnering relationship
  • how to prepare visitors and family members for more meaningful visits
  • how to create calming surroundings to reduce the risk of sundowning or other distressing reactions
  • how to apply Teepa’s Six Pieces of the PuzzleTM and GEMS® methods to discover your loved one’s retained skills and interests, thereby creating a positive and more fulfilling care environment for the both of you

DVD Features:

  • over four hours of information, tips, and techniques
  • link on the back of your DVD cover to access a downloadable handout, so you can easily recall the learned information


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Total Runtime: 294 minutes

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