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Improving Communications in Dementia Care Learning Kit

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$10.00 / year

Use Teepa Snow’s Improving Communications in Dementia Care to transform your in-service meetings into collaborative learning sessions for your organization. PAC In-Service Learning Kits were designed to facilitate learning in small group and classroom-type settings.

Learning Kits include a physical DVD, Online Streaming access, and downloadable PDF Learning Materials paired with a renewing annual Usage License to use the video and materials for internal staff education.

This Learning Kit includes the following:

  • Improving Communications in Dementia Care on DVD and via Online Streaming
    • Duration: 5 hours (305 minutes)
  • Content Outline and Learning Objectives (pdf)
  • Quiz for Pre and Post Assessments (pdf)
  • Answer Key (pdf)
  • Additional Resource Materials (pdf) covering:
    • The GEMS State Model
    • The Umbrella of Dementia
    • Six Pieces of the Puzzle
    • Positive Physical Approach/Action Starters/Personal Connections
    • PAC Core Values
  • Certificate of Completion Template (pdf)

Improving Communications in Dementia Care (DVD)

Learn how to better communicate with a person living with dementia when change or action is needed such as medical screening, stopping driving, accepting help, recognizing symptoms and changing needs, and many other situations.

Improving Communications in Dementia Care (Streaming)

Streaming access to the above video content.
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Improving Communications in Dementia Care - Materials and Usage License

This Usage License permits you to use the Online Video Stream and all Learning Materials for internal education within your organization.

This license will renew at a rate of $10 per year. You will receive an email notification when it is time to renew.

$10.00 / year

Improving Communications in Dementia Care (DVD)

If you have more than one location we recommend that you add additional DVDs to your order for just $40 each!


Using this Learning Kit will increase staff awareness of how much their approch and interactions impact people living with dementia. It will help them understand that dementia is not a choice, but a condition that affects a person’s ability to function “normally.” As care partners, it is possible to adapt what we do to improve care interactions and outcomes. The practical and well-designed techniques demonstrated in these videos can be used by any member of your staff, volunteers, or family members.

Improving Communications in Dementia Care  (Duration: 5 hours/305 minutes)

In Improving Communication in Dementia Care, Teepa Snow, an internationally acclaimed Alzheimers and dementia care specialist, teaches her students how a person with dementia perceives his/her environment and how to properly adapt one’s own behavior to increase communication and the patient’s quality of life.

Nothing is more challenging in dementia care than effective communication. Have you had trouble getting a loved one to a screening, or aren’t sure how to communicate when there is a need to stop driving?

This in-depth, hands-on workshop with internationally recognized dementia care expert Teepa Snow offers the skills necessary to tackle these crucial conversations and safeguard your loved one.


  • how to partner with a person living with dementia when change is needed
  • how to best approach for screening or medical attention
  • how to best communicate when there is a need to stop driving
  • how to relate so a person is more likely to accept help
  • how to help family members near or far recognize symptoms and changing needs
  • how to communicate and work more effectively with professional and family care partners
  • how to help friends and neighbors maintain or regain relationships when dementia changes abilities

Course Lessons:

  • Part 1: (149 minutes)
  • Part 2: (156 minutes)

 (Duration: 5 hours/305 minutes)


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