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How to Get Your Staff Engaged in Better Care Techniques (Streaming)


Have you had trouble motivating your staff to learn, embrace, and regularly use new skills? Do you love Teepa Snow’s dementia care methods, but don’t know how to best implement them within your organization? Changing peoples’ set behaviors and a group’s culture of care is not an easy task.

Get practical tips, techniques, and recommended strategies from Teepa so you can find the best and most effective way to change your staff’s mindset, actions, and enthusiasm towards the most compassionate care techniques available today. Learn how to create true culture change, and positively impact the quality of care and life for those living with dementia.

After watching this program you will know

  • how to build skills to change staff behavior toward individuals with dementia
  • how to propel your managerial techniques from traditional supervising to effective coaching
  • how to best guide staff during challenging behaviors and care situations

Prefer a DVD?



Chapter 1: How Do We Help Build Awareness?
Length: 57 minutes

Chapter 2: How Will You Change from Traditional Supervising to Competent Coaching?
Length: 63 minutes

Chapter 3: Build the Team
Length: 24 minutes

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