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GEMS Value Bundle

From: $228.45 $83.45

“Just like gems, each person is precious, valuable, and unique, and given the right setting and care, can shine.” – Teepa Snow

WHO is this GEMS Bundle for?

Has someone you love recently been diagnosed with dementia, or been living with dementia for a while? This bundle will show you how to truly help them shine, and has resources for every person in the family.

WHY purchase this GEMS Bundle?

This GEMS model, developed by Teepa Snow and based on the Allen Cognitive Scale, recognizes the shifts in our skills and abilities in any given moment.  This GEMS Bundle contains everything you need to get started and saves you $145!

WHAT is in this GEMS Bundle?
  • Seeing the GEMS Workbook
  • Seeing the GEMS Role Play Videos (Online Course)
  • GEMS State Tool
  • A Heart Full of GEMS (Book for Families)
  • Progression of Dementia- Seeing GEMS, Not Just Loss (Streaming Video)
  • Dementia Caregiver Guide (optional add-on at 25% discount)
  • Plus FREE BONUSGEMS: Building Skill to Support GEMS 12-Part Recorded Webinar Series ($100 value- will be added to your cart automatically during checkout)

A value of over $225 for just $83.45!!

Also check out our free GEMS App – Click here to learn more.

Seeing the GEMS Workbook

Single Unit

Seeing the GEMS- Role Play Videos (Online Course)

GEMS State Tool

Single Unit

Progression of Dementia: Seeing GEMS - Not Just Loss (Streaming)

A Heart Full of GEMS

In stock

Dementia Caregiver Guide

Add one copy of the Dementia Caregiver Guide for just $18.75


These items will be shipped to you from our warehouse:

  • Seeing the GEMS Workbook
  • GEMS State Tool
  • A Heart Full of GEMS
  • Dementia Caregiver Guide (optional)

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