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Fronto-Temporal Dementias and Traumatic Brain Injury (Recorded Webinar)


Over the past 5-10 years, significant progress has been made in differential diagnosis and in tailoring treatments and interventions to each type of dementia. Current understanding is that labeling someone as having “dementia” in the early stages of the condition is inadequate for best quality care management.

This session is designed to provide information about the various forms of fronto-temporal dementias (FTDs), focusing on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). It highlights the importance of noticing early signs of changes in cognition and behavior that are NOT consistent with normal aging.

Psychiatric conditions and symptoms, depression, delirium, and dementia are discussed and differences and connections are presented as they relate to FTD and TBI. The session provides specific and distinguishing characteristics, and how care and expectations may need to be changed for the condition, as well as for those individuals with mixed picture dementias.

1. Distinguish dementias, TBI, psychiatric conditions, and acute medical situations, and ‘normal aging’ changes in brain functions and observed behaviors and sensory processing.
2. Describe similarities and differences among various FTD conditions and TBI
3. Explore TBI – regarding initial symptoms, progression patterns, and management and hands-on treatment strategies

Length: 2 hours


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