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Filling the Day with Meaning (Streaming)


Use engaging activities to give back moments of joy, happiness, and an improved quality of life. Learn the difference between simple entertainment and engaging projects that stimulate brain activity.

Filling the Day with Meaning specializes on challenging cases, such as individuals with early onset dementia. This two and a half hour workshop is full of indispensable ideas and tips empowering you to give back moments of joy.


  • about different types of activities
  • what makes an activity engaging and valuable
  • how to set up an effective activity schedule
  • how to give your loved one or resident the feeling of being needed
  • which key activities to consider at different disease stages
  • how to successfully handle challenging cases, such as patients with early onset, tendencies for elopement, distress, falls, and more

Video Features:

  • Over two hours of information, tips, and techniques
  • Total Runtime: 155 minutes

Prefer a DVD?



Chapter 1: Activities for Challenging Behaviors
Length: 51 minutes

Chapter 2: Productive Activities
Length: 58 minutes

Chapter 3: Creating the Best Activities
Length: 46 minutes

Total Runtime: 155 minutes

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