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End of Life Care and Letting Go (Streaming)


Learn to recognize a person’s progression into the final stages of dementia and provide the best care with Teepa Snow’s hands-on, disease-level appropriate techniques. In this two-hour training program, Teepa explains how to connect with someone living with late stage dementia, how to recognize and manage pain, and how to help the care team grieve the loss and celebrate the person’s life.


  • about indicators that the disease has progressed into its final stages and how to provide the most effective comfort care
  • how to communicate by using visual, auditory, and physical signals of connection when a person’s brain can no longer process words
  • about physical changes and the importance of primitive reflexes
  • techniques for a consistent Positive Physical Approach™
  • about different care approaches, from health promotion to compensatory care
  • about advanced directives, living wills, do not resuscitate orders (DNRs), palliative care, and hospice care
  • about giving the person living with dementia permission to pass without giving up on them (Letting Go vs. Giving Up)

Video Features:

  • Over two hours of information, tips, and techniques

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Length: 1 minutes

Chapter 2: Learning how to let go
Length: 7 minutes

Chapter 3: Terms to know
Length: 7 minutes

Chapter 4: Why is dementia different in the end
Length: 4 minutes

Chapter 5: Different Care Approaches
Length: 25 minutes

Chapter 6: Acute Illness
Length: 1 minutes

Chapter 7: Progression of Dementia
Length: 23 minutes

Chapter 8: Symptoms of Pain
Length: 13 minutes

Chapter 9: Motor Strip
Length: 13 minutes

Chapter 10: Example Aspiration and Drinking
Length: 4 minutes

Chapter 11: Feeding and letting go
Length: 7 minutes

Chapter 12: Example Pearl
Length: 5 minutes

Chapter 13: End Stage Lewy Body
Length: 2 minutes

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