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Early State Dementia Care Bundle (DVD)

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Do you have a loved one or resident living with the early states of Alzheimers or another form of dementia? Then this DVD bundle is the perfect starting point for you.

Learn more about the condition, what to expect as it progresses, which important legal and financial documents you don’t want to miss having in place, and how to best communicate with the person living with dementia to protect your relationship throughout this challenging journey.

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This DVD Bundle includes:

Progression of Dementia: Seeing GEMS - Not Just Loss (DVD)

In this two-hour training program, Progression of Dementia, Teepa Snow explains the appropriate levels of care needed during different states, which types of reactions to expect, appropriate activity programs, and much more.

The Journey of Dementia (DVD)

Preparation and readiness are key to being the best possible care partner. The Journey of Dementia is packed with over three hours of essential preparation tips and advice to provide you with vital information and solutions for all situations.

It's All In Your Approach (DVD)

Learn techniques to improve communication, mutual understanding, better manage distress, and much more.


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This DVD Bundle includes:
– It’s All In Your Approach (approx. 117 minutes)
– Progression of Dementia (approx. 117 minutes)
– The Journey of Dementia (approx. 189 minutes)

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