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Dental Care for People with Dementia (Streaming)


Dental care, immensely important to a person’s overall health, becomes more and more challenging for care partners as the person’s dementia progresses.

Learn effective techniques to handle challenging situations and provide the best dental care for a person living with dementia, including but not limited to Alzheimers, Lewy Body, or Frontotemporal Dementia.


  • about causes for common dental care issues and how to overcome them
  • why people living with dementia are likely to react negatively to common oral care procedures
  • about changes in motor skills and sensation
  • about vision changes, such as binocular vision and inability to recognize objects
  • about verbal, visual, auditory, touch, and tactile cues to improve cooperation
  • how to create a more calming environment through changes to lighting, temperature, and more
  • about techniques and tools to adapt oral care techniques to increase cooperation and improve dental care results

DVD Features:

  • Over two hours of information, tips, and techniques (Duration 136 minutes)

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Length: 1 minutes

Chapter 2: Dementia that Impacts Dental Care
Length: 6 minutes

Chapter 3: Preserved Skills
Length: 9 minutes

Chapter 4: Tips and Approaches
Length: 21 minutes

Chapter 5: Environment, Speech, Rhythm, Vision
Length: 12 minutes

Chapter 6: Changes in Motor Skills and Speech
Length: 8 minutes

Chapter 7: Examples of What to Use and How to Fix the Environment
Length: 18 minutes

Chapter 8: Diamonds
Length: 14 minutes

Chapter 9: Emeralds
Length: 20 minutes

Chapter 10: Ambers
Length: 10 minutes

Chapter 11: Rubies
Length: 4 minutes

Chapter 12: Pearls
Length: 5 minutes

Chapter 13: Examples
Length: 8 minutes

Duration: 136 minutes


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