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Dementia in the Courtroom (Streaming)


Teepa and the Positive Approach to Care Team have created a series of helpful videos and resources to bring awareness to how dementia may appear in the guardianship process.


Often, when dementia enters the picture, independence and ability comes into question and can even find its way into the courtroom. Families and those living with dementia can fall apart when finances and legal issues get crowded into the picture with dementia. Teepa offers three case studies that show very different individuals living with dementia who find themselves in a courtroom situation. She will take you through what is happening with the dementia while working to help the legal community and families understand what could be done differently to make a better outcome for all. This is a great addition to other PAC content that focuses on the person living with and all involved when dementia walks into the courtroom.

This course covers:

  • Three courtroom scenarios with Teepa as someone living with dementia
    • Various forms of dementia
    • At various states in the progression
    • What could we do differently
    • How do we change
  • PAC skills and content
    • Types of dementia
    • Vision changes with GREAT visuals
    • Common mistakes and possible solutions
    • Progression of dementia (Teepa’s GEMS)
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