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Decoding Distress in Dementia (Recorded Webinars)


This recording is from Session Eight of the Care Partner Connections series of live webinars.  Click here to learn more or register for the complete series which includes access to videos of past sessions as well as access to the upcoming live events and associated recordings.  Scroll down to view summary of the session content.


Learning to Recognize and Respond to Signals that I Am In Distress and Need Your Help and How Meet the Unspoken Need

When the spoken message does not match the real need that the person has, it is tricky to resolve. This session will help the team develop their detective skills and problem-solving abilities to better serve PLwD who are no longer accurate in their perception of what is needed compared to what is actually wrong. We will practice multi-modal communication strategies to try to determine what is really needed and how to help.

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