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Culture Change Bundle (DVD)

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How do I help my staff improve at connecting and caring?

It’s as simple as A + B = C!

Attitude Shifts + Behavior Shifts = Culture Change

For Attitude Shifts, our Dementia Care Provision DVD demonstrates how awareness about the effects of dementia and effective approaches can dramatically reduce risks in care settings. The perspective and conduct of team members make a fundamental difference in reducing residents’ combative behaviors, falls, accidents, and elopement.

For Behavior Shifts, our PAC Skills Make The Difference DVD teaches essential hands on skills and techniques for positive care interactions. Watch world-renowned expert Teepa Snow demonstrate how to provide the respect and dignity that individuals living with dementia deserve in all care settings.

With the combination of these two DVDs, the application of awareness and skills can promote a true Culture Change for those living with dementia.

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The Culture Change Bundle includes:

Dementia Care Provision: Reducing Risk by Changing Care Strategies (DVD)

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PAC Skills Make The Difference (DVD)

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Please watch the video below where Teepa explains how these DVDs work together.

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